Frequently asked questions

The most common questions I get from my clients

Pre-tan care

  • Shower the morning of or the night before your spray tan with little to no product on skin-DO NOT USE DOVE PRODUCTS! Dove soap and Dove lotions leave a film on your skin that directly leads to a blotchy tan.
  • Exfoliate the day before using an oil-free scrub. (can use a sugar+water mixture)
  • Keep hydrated + your skin moisturized leading up to the day, but not the day of your appointment.
  • Come to your appointment with bare skin (i.e: no lotions, oils, deodorant, perfumes, etc.)
  • Manicure/pedicure completed before your appointment
  • *Please bring loose, dark clothing and flip flops for after your spray tan (no yoga pants, sports bras)

Post-tan care

  • For rapid solutions you can shower at 2-4 hours, for regular solutions, you can shower at 8 hours or later.(we will discuss this at your appointment)
  • For your first shower, just rinse with lukewarm water and no product. * it is normal to see the cosmetic bronzer wash off in the shower, your tan will continue to develop for up to 24 hours.
  • Pat dry with your towel, do not rub to avoid patchy fading -Do not get wet, sweat, wear anything too tight/light in color and avoid skin on skin contact until after your first shower.
  • After approximately 24 hours, begin to use a mild soap, tan extender and stay hydrated.-still no Dove products
  • Avoid mineral oils.
  • Avoid scrubbing/exfoliating(no loofahs)
  • Use oil-free sunblock.
  • If you must shave, be sure to use a new razor blade.

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